Press rewind, as I was about nine years of age browsing through the pages of those shiny black books on the lower shelves inside the school library, that showed images and stories of paranormal topics such as Aliens and UFO’s. Were those books for real? Was I in the fiction or non-fiction section?

My name is Andrei Parlade, born in Manila, I immigrated to the USA during my teens and afterwards joined  the U.S. Navy where I was tagged the nickname ‘P-Day’ short for my surname which  some amigos tie the ‘Pinoy’ term that is coined for someone who is from the P.I. (Philippine Islands).

Adventures with the military overseas gave me the confidence that I never take for granted. After completing my initial enlistment over seven years ago in which the travel bug bite swelled up, filled with  much curiosity, moving by backpacking, hitchhiking, embarking on tours, cross-country road trips and more which has taken me to over fifty countries and all seven continents.

I support my travelling itineraries over the years as an Independent Contractor for court interpreting/translating Tagalog (The Philippines’ official language) for various firms within Southern California. I have also been undertaking freelance brand ambassador/mobile-social media marketing positions for organizations. Also, for every click on our website ads, each penny goes towards the maintenance of our website and beer moolah of course 😉

A passion of of mine is learning about ancient cultures through various stories that I have been reading over the years, plus with the outlet of exploration, which enabled me to learn and gather more information within the experience. From witnessing the mystery of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, to going deep underground cities in Turkey to investigating archaeological ruins in Cambodia, Peru and Bolivia and more ancient sites where I venture, the more I question the missing pages in the history books as I see more of the world.

Fast forward now as new information  is popping out of smartphone feeds as we scroll down to the speed of social media, as content sharing from alternative news outlets and the mainstream media finally discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial life, which definitely poses challenges towards the topic of  human origins. Perhaps, we are headed in that direction. Until then, our team will keep digging wherever the quest leads our boots along with our #arfventuredog Seizo’s paws, and at the same time having fun, while learning and sharing our findings along the route, and hopefully we will be able to answer the age-old questions that humanity has been asking throughout our existence:

fb-pday-teamWho are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

Seek the truth,

Join us in the pursuit!


Andrei ‘P -Day’ Parlade

GB – Truth Seeker

Seizo Slay

Intergalactic Brewing Company, San Diego, CA USA